Following is the index of The Compendium of Local History: being a Guide for the Educator & the Scholar to the History of Essex County, New York.

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General Information
Area Bibliographies
General Texts
Newspapers and Periodicals
Contact People: Historians, Special Interest
Cultural Resources: General, Libraries
NY State Historical Roadside Markers

Contact People
Watson's Agricultural Survey, excerpts, 1852
Farm and Garden column
Advertisements 1879, 1885, 1890, 1900, 1914, 1923
Portrait and sketch of Elkanah Watson, 1891
Photograph of Rivermede Farm Workers, 1914
Essex County Farm Bureau News, 1919
Grange information
Drawings of the Four Stages of Making a Farm
Agricultural Census Statistics:
- - Number of farms, 1875-1940
- - Crop yields /acre, 1879-1944
- - Crop trends, 1879-1944
- - Number and sizes of farms, 1875-1940
- - Essex Co. NY Agricultural Statistics, 1930
- - Trends in livestock, 1880-1945
- - Apple, pear, cherry trees, 1889-1939
- - Entry pass to annual fair, 1886

Contact People
Examples of architectural periods, 1775-1910
Contract and floor plans for jail in Elizabethtown, 1852
Expense sheets for Parsonage House, Ironville, 1853
Census Statistics
Advertisements, 1885, 1914
Adirondack Mountain Reserve cottage locations, 1890, plan of cottages, 1898
Building Structure and Archeological Site Inventory forms, blank

Contact People
Thomas B. Cole, journal excerpt, 1837
Asher B. Durand, letter excerpt, 1848
Horace Bundy, review, 1855
Carhart's Melodeon Instructor, excerpt, 1855
Alfred B. Street, The Gray Forest Eagle, excerpt, 1859
T. Addison Richards, A Forest Story, excerpt, 1859
Thomas Bangs Thorpe, cartoons, 1859
Alexander Lawrie, painter, 1867
Wm. H. H. Murray Adventures in Wilderness, excerpts, 1869
Wm. Chapman White Adirondack Country, excerpts, 1954
Photographs, advertisements, 1874, 1883, 1890
Handbill from the Valley House, Elizabethtown, 1884
Julian Walbridge Rix, engravings, 1884
Lake Placid Club News, front page, 1927

Cartography and Geography
Contact People
Derivation of town names
Gazetteer of NY State, excerpt, 1824
Verplank Colvin, Topographical Survey, excerpts, 1873
Bald Peak, primary triangle, 1873
Engravings, photographs, 1873, 1882
Reproduction maps from Gray's Atlas, 1876
- - Essex County
- - Chesterfield
- - Crown Point (village)
- - Crown Point
- - Elizabethtown
- - Essex, Willsboro (village)
- - Essex, Willsboro
- - Jay
- - Keene, North Elba, St. Armand, Wilmington
- - Keeseville (village)
- - Lewis
- - Newcomb, North Hudson
- - Minerva, Schroon
- - Mineville (village)
- - Moriah
- - Port Henry (village)
- - Ticonderoga (village)
- - Ticonderoga
- - Westport
Land Survey description, 1908
Sanborn Insurance Map of Lake Placid, excerpt, 1916
Essex County Map

Contact People
Wild Northern Scenes, excerpt, 1985
The Two Guides Winslow Homer painting reproduction, 1875
Field & Stream column, 1885
Forest Commission news article, report, 1885, 1900
Timber Harvest article
Adirondack Guides, portraits & sketches, 1891
Forest, Fish & Game Commission, excerpt, 1901
Article IVX of NY State Constitution

Domestic Life
Contact People
Smith's History of Essex County, excerpt, 1797
Domestic items price list, 1829
Letter to Mamy from Calla, 1862
West's Adirondack Tales, excerpts, 1880's
Advertisements, 1867, 1880, 1885, 1923
Higby's The History of an Old Home in Willsboro, excerpt, 1850's
Photograph of Putnam Camp laundry workers
Family Tree & Family Group charts, blank
Genealogical Research, check list, blank

Contact People
Census Statistics, 1835, 1840
Abstract of Common School returns, 1850
Higby's The History of an Old Home in Willsboro, excerpt, 1850's
Photograph of Boquet School and students
Adventures of a young school teacher, letter excerpts, 1874
Arithmetic Lessons, 1878
Newspaper report of student's grades, 1881
Report card of Augustus N. Hand, 1884
School advertisements, 1917-18, 1901-01, 1889-90
Photograph of Elizabethtown High School students 1900, at study hall 1917

Contact People
First town meeting, 1775
Board of Supervisor's minutes, 1863
Internal Revenue license, 1865-86
IRS income tax return, 1865
US Post Office contract, 1872
Peddler's petition to the Board of Supervisors, 1876
Newspaper account of the execution of Debosnys, 1883
Court record of Debosnys, 1883
Pass to execution of Debosnys, 1883
A ballot paster, 1984
Official Nomination List, 1895
Photograph of women suffragettes, 1914
Inez Milholland Memorial Pageant article, 1924
US Census Forms, blank
- - Population, 1875
- - Agriculture, 1875
- - Churches, Schools, 1855
- - Newspapers, Businesses, 1855
Enumeration of Inhabitants, NY State Census Form, blank, 1915

Contact People
Lumber industry statistics, 1765-1814
Lumbering in the Ausable Valley, statistics & excerpts
David Henderson's letter informing of iron discovery, 1826
Adirondack Iron & Steel Co. history & drawings, 1849-54
Photograph of Adirondack Iron & Steel Co.'s new furnace
Description of the Toby forge in Jay, 1856
Kingdom Iron Co. appraisal, 1869
Levi D. Brown daybook, excerpts, iron ore beds, 1870
Pay cut broadside from Witherbee & Sherman, et al., 1874
Crown Point Iron Co. worker's strike
A. Davis stove advertisement, 1874
Daily Graphic article on Mineville's big blast, 1877
Keeseville industry, excerpts from Stoddard, 1878
Elizabethtown Electric Company's documents, 1899-1913
Advertisements, 1900, 1901
Photographs, River Drivers, Log Water Slide, 1900
Beede Bros. logging job article, 1914
Republic Steel's informational brochure, 1960

Military Life
Contact People
Seven Year 's War, excerpts, 1758
Battlefield map at Fort Ticonderoga, 1758
The forts at Crown Point, article, 1891
Portraits and sketches of Roger & Rangers, Lord Howe, 1891
Ethan Allen captures Fort Ticonderoga, excerpts, 1774
Battle of Willsborough Falls, memorial article, 1814
Portraits & sketches of Major Sanford & Major McKenzie, 1891
The Reveille newspaper account of War of 1812
David Woodruff's militia "election" notification, 1825
Hamilton Higby's Civil War letters, 1861-1862
US pension for Civil War veteran's family, 1875
Photograph of Company K, Civil War Veterans Reunion, 1911
Newspaper articles , WWI, 1918
Death notification to Lamb family, 1945
Essex Co. War Service Record, blank form

Religion & Ethnic Groups
Contact People
Cemeteries in Essex County
Indian activity near Lake Champlain, 1767
African American settlements & activities, 1800-1846
John Brown, portrait and sketch, 1891
Temperance Pledge of First Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, 1837
NY State Census Immigration Statistics, 1835, 1875
Gravestone inscription
Portraits & sketches of Elizabeth Irish & Rev, Sawyer, 1891
Photograph of Rev. Barker and a colportage wagon, 1900
The Chinese Jail, excerpts, 1901
St. Patrick's Church History, excerpts, 1935
Wadhams United Church of Christ, excerpts

Tourism & Recreation
Contact People
Stoddard's The Adirondacks, excerpts, 1878
Potter's The Northern Tourist, excerpts, 1879
Ausable Chasm tourist brochure
Stoddard's Ausable Chasm description, 1878
Baseball challenge, letter, 1876
Portraits & sketches of Lute Evans & Dr. Trudeau, 1891
Photograph of the Windsor Hotel and Stagecoach, 1891
Mansion House, advertisement brochure, 1900
Map of D&H Canal Co.'s railroads to the area, 1900
Windsor Hotel, advertisement brochure, 1906
Photograph of Lake Placid baseball game, 1915
Lake Placid Club, description from Donaldson's History of the Adirondacks
Photograph of a swimming lesson, 1920

Contact People
Platt Roger's Field Book, excerpts, 1789
Keeseville - Port Kent Plank Road Co. request for fare increase
Roads and Paths, from West's Adirondack Tales
Crown Point Iron Co.'s Railroad, 1873-1893, excerpts
Photograph of Lake Champlain & Moriah Rail Road, 1890
Advertisements, 1880, 1884, 1914 1916
The Comstock Wagon article, 1891
Photograph of road building, Keeseville, 1910
Westport - Essex Ferry Company, documents, 1920-1923
Map of early roads, railroads and ferry docks
Essex County Road Map